Booking travel safely – what you need to know post COVID-19

As the borders start to open worldwide, we want to prepare you as best we can for post COVID travel worldwide.

Air Travel, flying

An interesting article outlines flight travel here – CN TRAVELER 

Watch this space – as we write this in May 2020 most airlines are grounded with a few starting to take to the skies again with very serious and strict regulations and practices. Masks, reductions in meal services, distancing, etc. are being put into place.  Rebooking, some are giving flexible postponement terms and some full refunds for the bigger airlines.

We are closely observing and updating our guests on which airlines and destinations are open to us and our guests.

On the Ground

In 2021 we see a massive spike in our bookings, postponements and new.  We are receiving incredibly flexible postponement terms for most of our bookings current, ongoing and new.  We are happy to talk you through these on a case by case, every country is different and every booking is unique so it’s important to talk to one of us at danni@sikelelitravel.com or karen@sikelelitravel.com if you want to know the latest on your itinerary and curated trip.  Note that every single booking, and postponement, directly contributes to keeping local communities fed and employed, conservation initiatives alive, guides and their families on the ground employed, anti-poaching and much more, and of course the wildlife safe and unprejudiced.  This is why safaris/ lodges/hotels/suppliers/experiences/guides and operators are standing firm on keeping deposits as the costs for such come about no matter whether guests travel or not.  The beautiful tourist destinations of the world are feeling the brunt of COVID in these particular realms and need tourism and travellers more than ever.

Travel Insurance

There will certainly be new rules and regulations here.  Please check the amended clauses and conditions for your travel going forward and be thorough in doing so.  Ensuring you have:

  1. Very full coverage
  2. The correct coverage
  3. Ask lots of questions and read all the fine print
  4. Go to the experts don’t buy cheap!
  5. Don’t disregard pandemic exclusions

How YOU travel

The personal and bespoke travel plans, made for privacy and such, will be the way of the world of travel.  Mass market group, sardine travel is no longer going to be popular, and thank goodness we don’t book that form of trip anyway!

We work with ‘away from the madding crowd’, hotels, lodges, activities and services that invest 100% in safety and protocol first and foremost but do so without jeopardizing your amazing experience.  More questions on this please email danni@sikelelitravel.com or karen@sikelelitravel.com and we will talk you through this.