Legal & Licensing

Sikeleli Travel & Expeditions  Ltd. is a limited company registered in British Columbia. As a licensed travel agency, it is regulated by Consumer Protection BC, a Provincial Regulator of the Provincial Government of British Columbia, Canada.

Corporate Regulatory and Licensing Details

Corporate Registry #: BC1021378

National Business #: 824999395

Consumer Protection BC Travel Agency Licence #: 732208

Governing Body & Operating Names

Governed under the ‘Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act’ of British Columbia, Canada.

Sikeleli Travel & Expeditions Limited is now the legal name of Sikeleli Africa Safaris Ltd. There is no change whatsoever in our BC Corporate number, the Company’s Board of Directors and of our Senior Management, of our Corporate Beneficial Ownership, of our Bankers (RBC), nor of our Licensed Travel Agents Number,  nor of any other material aspects of the Company.

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