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Europe is modern, colorful, sophisticated, and fun contrasted with rich culture and deep history. Vibrant clean cities, streets lined with beautiful baroque buildings, ornate gothic cathedrals overlooking ancient squares bustling with contemporary cafes, striking shops and excellent restaurants. World-famous museums packed with art treasures, wide tree-line boulevards and charming cobbled streets of the old quarters. Relish the delights of Europe from the Mediterranean beaches to the snow-cap Alps. Explore Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Turkey & more!

Inspiring European Experiences

Explore Greece

The perfect island for every taste

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Secret Croatia

Take the road less traveled

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Best of Italy

Florence to Capri: the best of Italy

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Vibrant Barcelona

Modernism and art in Barcelona

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Portugal's walled cities

The historical cities of Portugal

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Magical Turkey

Hot air balloon over fairy chimneys

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Seville old town

Explore the old town and a private visit to a restoration studio

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Fabulous France

Food & wine lovers paradise

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Alentejo Wine Region

Slow-down in Alentejo and enjoy lunch at a cork farm

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Greek Island paradise: You'll fall in love with Greece, with its friendly atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, and people's genuine hospitality. Discover new layers of rich Greek culture, history and charm every visit. It's no wonder Greece is one of the top 20 best holiday destinations in the world. The many Greek islands offer a variety of beautiful beaches, sandy or pebbled, bustling or secluded. There's the perfect spot for every taste. With so many options and the numerous treasured antiquities dotted around this vast country, let our knowledgeable travel advisors curate your ideal trip. Discover Greece with us.


Cruising the best of Croatia: Stretched along the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Croatia holds an incredible variety of cultural, historical, and culinary heritage set against a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty. With over a thousand islands cuddling up to the towering Dinaric Alps, lush flatlands, emerald lakes and clean rivers, Croatia is the perfect holiday destination for families, friends and honeymooners. Visiting Croatia can be relaxing: beach time, boat rides and soaking up the summer sun, or energetic: kayaking, hiking, sailing, cycling and other adventurous activities. It can be an exploration of the country's culture, history, traditions, and gastronomy delights, or it can combine all those things.


The land of contrasts: This small country has an astonishing variety of things to see and do, from the sunny beach resorts in the southern Algarve to the lush and temperate countryside north of Porto. You can feel the buzz in the bustling city of Lisboa or travel back in time to the humble Alentejo farming region. You can sample traditional recipes in family taverns or Michelin-star fusion cuisine in flashy, contemporary establishments. All while staying in fabulous, extraordinary accommodation like former palaces, monasteries, or castles in unforgettable settings. Thanks to its compact size, warm summers and welcoming people, Portugal is an easy, comfortable country to explore.


An explosion of the senses: The vibrancy of Spain magnifies colours, emotions, aromas and flavours. It’s an explosion of art, history, culture, entertainment, cuisine and natural beauty. Perhaps what most surprises visitors is the incredible diversity Spain offers. Whether you’re strolling the elegant streets of Madrid, experiencing flamenco in Andalusia, soaking up the electric atmosphere in Barcelona or sampling pintxos in the Basque country - Spain has something for everyone. Hear about the history of Al-Andalus in the south, discover the Basque Country in the north, sample true paella from its home town in the east, or hike the pilgrims trail of St James to the city of Santiago de Compostela. Whatever you do and wherever you are, Spain’s people and its raw emotion will mark you for life!


A world of romance and history, fashion, art, and delicious Italian fare. The birthplace of the Renaissance and the home of the legendary Roman civilization. Italy is a bustling, stylish metropolis seeped in mythology and vestiges of ancient times. Stroll through classic piazzas. Find your favorite gelato flavor. Sip Aperol spritz on palm-line beaches. Admire the yachts in impressive marinas. Try the local Chianti. Party till dawn on exquisite islands. Explore charming hill towns and stumble on art treasures in ornate cathedrals. Visit world-renowned museums. Experience each region's own delicious local speciality. Mind the vintage Vespas zipping down cobbled alleys. Find high fashion on the streets of Milan. Italy has something to love, for everyone.


‘Joie de vivre’ in France: Indulge in French-style 'joie de vivre' - the exuberant enjoyment of life - at its best. Delight in world-famous French cuisine, exceptional wines, sparkling Champagne and the incredible beauty of the French countryside. Dive into the rich history and culture in magnificent cities, from Paris to Marseille, with classical buildings, tree-lined boulevards, and tranquil rivers. Find famed fashion houses and the finest museums in the world showcasing Michelangelo to Raphael. Explore old castles steeped in history and architectural wonders, from the Eiffel Tower to the Palace of Versailles. From the renowned ski slopes of the alps to the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean and the rolling vineyards of charming villages in Provence, France, is the ultimate celebration of life.


Ancient Roman and Islamic history: Istanbul is an ancient city dating back to beyond the 7th century BC. The capital of the Roman Empire, it was renamed Constantinople in 330 after the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. With the Bosphorus River that separates Europe and Asia running through it, Turkey is rich in Islamic and Christian history and culture. With over 3000 mosques, you'll hear the iconic 'call to prayers' as you cruise the Bosphorus River at sunset. Haggle amid the smell of spices in Istanbul's lively souks. Bath in a luxurious Hamman (Turkish bath). Stroll around the Sultanahmet Square and step into the Magnificent blue interior of the Ottoman-era historical imperial Blue Mosque.