Celebrating World Sustainability Day: 5 Things to Consider for a Sustainable African Safari

Posted on October 9, 2020, featured in Safari Tips

Some of the most spectacular natural wonders are in Africa, one can both enjoy and preserve these on a safari.

Travel is an extraordinary gift and thus we should all make conscious decisions to be more responsible with the planet’s limited resources. Eco-tourism and mindful exploration with sustainable partners is key.

With the growth and accessibility of travel to all, particularly in the last few decades, there is a great strain on resources and an increasing carbon footprint for all. That’s why sustainable safari is essential now more than ever.

What is a Sustainable Safari?

A sustainable safari is a balance between satisfying wanderlust and contributing to the wellbeing of the planet. This way, we have the wilderness and wildlife left uninterrupted, and protected, for future generations.

It’s important to have a full understanding of how our trips benefit local communities and wildlife conservation efforts.

That said, here are five ways Sikeleli makes your safari more sustainable:

1. We choose eco-friendly lodges that actively support their local community

Safaris can generate tremendous benefits for people in Africa, but only if local communities are embedded throughout the process.

Considering just a few of the different jobs that come to make up a single person’s one night stay! From the safari guides to the chefs, housekeepers, waiting staff, electricians and mechanics, tourism touches the lives of many people and ergo, of their families.

Travel and tourism create enormous ripple effects within local communities. A travel dollar brings greater financial stability and improves living conditions for the people who need it the most as well as higher standards of education and doors opening to higher careers.

We always opt for safari camps, lodges and hotels that follow strict and transparent sustainability practices.

Before booking your travel anywhere, question the sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly facilities, such as solar power, waste and water management.

2. We support Organizations That Protect Wildlife and Wilderness Areas

The goal of sustainability is to ensure the survival of our ecosystems and the longevity of species here in their natural habitats.

Supporting organizations that preserve and protect wildlife is imperative.

Sikeleli doesn’t participate or support any organization that sells any form of animal exploitation, such as riding animals elephants, or walking with lions or petting these creatures or other cats. These practices are harmful to these creatures, and the objective of sustainability is defeated entirely.

3. We opt for local, organic and sustainably grown food

Up to one-third of global carbon footprints come from the food we consume.

Meat production and large-scale fancy packaging are causing more harm than good so our safari partners make sure they grow as much of the produce locally, organically and ensure ethically sourced meats and other goods are in the lodges.

Where possible, we make sure your safari operator uses eco-friendly lunch boxes that are plastic-free and as such don’t harm the environment.

4. Products of Endangered Species

Buying or selling of products derived from endangered species is a crime against nature and wildlife.

This market continues to threaten the existence of pangolins, marine turtles, tigers, rhinos among other species. For instance, the sales of Ivory in Africa have led to a protracted poaching crisis which is finally being managed with amazing organizations like the IAPF.

5. We Say No To Plastic

Plastics are useful, but now they threaten our environment as they are not biodegradable. We are all aware of the effects of plastic on our ecosystem and it is enormous. Africa is taking huge steps toward eliminating plastic and finding other sustainable useful packing and Sikeleli is right alongside these initiatives.

Essentially, the responsibility of travelling through Africa’s safaris sustainably lies with every individual but Sikeleli is here to guide and help you as we are at the forefront of conservation, preservation, eco-travel and we believe in the longevity of our amazing continent.