How to Choose a Family-Friendly Safari in South Africa

Posted on October 13, 2016, featured in Press

South Africa and safari go hand-in-hand—you simply can’t think about one without the other. Family and safari, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it. After all, when you become parents, the idea of packing up the kids, tossing a toothbrush, some sunblock, and a swimsuit into a bag and traveling across Africa is almost laughable, right? Wrong!

A family vacation in Africa is a memorable and exciting experience for adults and kids alike—there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing breathtaking animals in their natural habitat, soaking up an immensely different culture, and understanding the importance of conservation. So, if you think a family-friendly safari is out of reach, think again.

In recent years, there are countless lodges and camps that have upped the ante, offering a host of family-friendly options that are accessible and safe for children of all ages. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best kid-friendly accommodations in South Africa.

Can children go on safari game drives or walks?

Each lodge has their own age restriction guidelines when it comes to permitting children on a game drive or walk. For the majority of lodges in South Africa, the minimum age for kids to take part in a game drive is six years old. That said, if you reserve your own vehicle, you will be able to take your children on a game drive regardless of their age. Keep in mind, however, that because of safety concerns, kids under the age of 16 are normally not allowed to join in on game walks.

Does the safari lodge provide babysitting services?

Worried about missing that once-in-a-lifetime chance to go on a game drive? Looking to relax in a spa or just get away from your young’uns for a while? Then you’ll definitely want to ensure the safari lodge you’re planning to stay at provides babysitting services. Book your babysitting service in advance. It could save you from a huge headache and some missed opportunities down the road.

Does the safari lodge offer discounts for kids?

Ask any parent who has been on a vacation with their kids—the costs of a family trip can quickly add up. So if you are looking for a way to cut a few corners, try to book with a lodge that offers a “kids eat free” or “kids stay free” promotion. You may also want to keep an eye out for lodges that offer a reduced rate for kids. Your vacation dollar will go farther, leaving you to enjoy your African safari without costing you and arm and leg.

Does the safari lodge provide educational activities for children?

For many parents, providing ample learning experiences for their children is a big part of any family vacation. If this is something that is important for you, make sure the safari lodge includes a wide variety of educational programs. The lodge should provide both indoor and outdoor educational activities, as well as other social and cultural pastimes your children can engage in.

You don’t have to leave the kids at home. There are a ton of great opportunities for a fantastic family-friendly vacation in South Africa. With a little planning (and a little help from a reliable safari agent), you’ll be on your way to an amazing adventure the whole family can enjoy.

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