Meet Daniella Ponter, the Queen of Luxury Travel in Africa

Posted on December 4, 2022, featured in Media Coverage

Translated from Portugese to English – as featured in: Escape Magazine & Elite Magazine

As a guest for many years at the world’s leading luxury tourism gathering for the ultra-wealthy (UHNW), one of the privileges is to meet with people ahead of their time in this fascinating segment of the economy worldwide. I joke that The Essence of Luxury, Serandipians’ annual event, is perfect for meeting the most prominent players in this exclusive scene.

In its last edition, in March in the Spanish resort of Marbella, I had the pleasure of meeting Daniella Ponter, Director and Senior Travel Expert at Sikeleli Travel & Expeditions. She is the best person for anyone who wants to experience Africa in the highest style. I was looking forward to introducing my dear readers to this rare gem of African tourism. With you, Daniella Ponter.

Danni was born, raised, and lives in Zimbabwe and is very proud to be part of the country’s fourth generation. As a Sikeleli partner, she manages the sales and marketing area and the company. Danni has an in-depth knowledge of all the significant properties and activities in the places she operates in, from Morocco to South Africa. She constantly updates her knowledge of safari destinations by spending more than six weeks in each country simultaneously, immersing herself in the local culture.

Her vast experience enables her to anticipate and even exceed the demands of her demanding global clients. These demands involve premium properties, off-the-beaten-path activities, and unique African experiences. SikeleliTravel has quickly established its reputation for excellence and is a globally respected bespoke travel company.

Sikeleli itineraries are always customized, ranging, for example, from gorilla trekking in the highlands of Rwanda to observing the great migrations in the Serengeti, passing through the Medinas in Morocco, and private visits to the homes of great artists of the past.

Try climbing Kilimanjaro or rafting the Zambezi near the majestic Victoria Falls. Learn to track rhinos (quietly!) in mysterious Gonarezhou or experience the thrill of a three-night horseback safari in Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans. Then relax on a luxury wine tour of historic Franschhoek in the Cape Wine Country. This is just a little of what Sikeleli, offers.

This is my precious tip for anyone who wants to explore Africa in style. Learn more by accessing www.sikelelitravel.com or Instagram @dannidoestravel or @sikelelitravel

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