Recent Events In Zimbabwe

Posted on November 15, 2017, featured in Press

Recent events in Harare point to a rapid and peaceful transition of political power, to what may well become a successful government of national unity in Zimbabwe. The entire country is peaceful and people are going on about their lives as usual. Victoria Falls, Hwange, Kariba and other tourist destinations are all operating as normal and there is no sign of military presence in these areas. All local, regional and international flights are operating as scheduled. Currently, we believe it is unnecessary to alter travel arrangements to these areas as all political change is centered in the capital Harare.

In particular Victoria Falls and Hwange continue to enjoy uninterrupted and normal tourist arrivals and departures with all operations running smoothly. The relaxed and serene atmosphere of these tourist destinations remains unchanged. We have not, at this time, heard of any travelers cancelling or reducing their stay in the country. Currently, limited military activity has been seen in Harare, where some military checkpoints and patrols have been set up outside government buildings. Harare international airport is open, with flights in and out operating as normal, although security checks have increased.

We shall continue to monitor events as they unfold, but are cautiously optimistic of continuing positive outcomes.

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