Important Travel Advice

Reading these pages will help to ensure that your safari runs smoothly! Points covered range from key information on passports, to visas and vaccinations, what to pack, luggage guides and requirements for traveling with minors. You’d be quite surprised at how handy this information is for preparing for important aspects of your trip! Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Your Pre-Travel Checklist

Now, you’ve reached the best part: the run-up to your safari! Here, we have compiled a quick checklist to prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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Passports, Visas & Vaccinations

Here you can find the information needed to get kickstarted on your visa application process, as well read up on passport and vaccination requirements for travel to Africa!

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Light Aircraft Luggage Guide

There are luggage restrictions in place on any itinerary, but this is especially the case with light aircraft transfers. Read on to find out more about these regional flight luggage restrictions.

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Credit Cards, Cash & Tipping

Definitely not a page you’ll want to miss! Here, we have compiled all our best tips and information on credit cards, cash and tipping in Africa.

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How to Pack for Your Safari

Do you find yourself wondering how to pack for an African safari? Keep reading, and we’ll cover the basics.

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Travelling with Minors

South Africa and Botswana have put in place documentation requirements for minors travelling to their countries (anyone under the age of 18). Read on for more information.

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