The joys of regulation

Posted on April 12, 2021, featured in Developments at Sikeleli

I never really thought that I would write that title, but now I have, and I am a believer.

When we started Sikeleli back in 2014, we made a very deliberate choice to domicile and base on our corporate headquarters here in Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia. We did this knowing that a provincial agency, Consumer Protection BC, strictly regulated all BC’s travel and tourism business participants.

Sikeleli has been licensed, monitored, and regulated by Consumer Protection B since day one.

Consumer Protection BC is an agency whose principal task is to protect any and all consumers who have commercial dealings with selected industries in this beautiful province. No matter where our travelers and guests are based, no matter where they might depart from or travel to, we knew that all our travelers and guests enjoy the same protections afforded them by Consumer Protection BC.

We accepted that this was going to be part of our obligations. We embraced it – the ongoing presence of a Consumer Protection BC would always give our guests and travelers comfort and reassurance that a provincial regulator stood behind us. In these less than certain times, we are proud to be part of British Columbia’s travel industry. And it delights us to enjoy the prudential guidance and regulations and monitoring of Consumer Protection BC.

Mark Ponter, MD Sikeleli Travel & Expeditions

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