Meet the team: Karen Dewhurst, Senior Travel Expert

Posted on February 7, 2022, featured in General

Hello, I’m Karen

A few core experiences in one’s childhood definitely guides you down a path. As kids, my siblings and I were blessed to have parents who loved to holiday and eventually made managing safari camps a career. So our school breaks were filled with listening to Lions roaring outside our tents, whilst camping in Mana Pools, or taking in the sunsets and panoramic views whilst floating along on a house boat in Kariba, or building pine needle forts in the forests of Nyanga; so I got that adventure bug early.

I was destined to work in the industry, and I am excited to show my daughters the joy of travel.

Top 3 destinations you’d recommend to guests

  1. Mana Pools
  2. Cambodia
  3. Zanzibar

Your ultimate getaway / vacation?

I would go back to my roots. A tent, a firepit and a gin and tonic (Admittedly the G&T is an addition to my childhood experience 😃) Nothing wakes the nerves like hearing the rumble of an elephant as it gingerly steps around your tent, and comes to investigate the camp site.

What do you think makes ‘travel’ so magical/exciting/desirable?

The learning of new cultures, trying new food, having new experiences you’d never have at home; and just reconnecting with life, away from routine and stress.

What’s the most-sought after travel experience for 2022?

Safari – the authentic, connect with nature, disconnect from technology, and natural social distance type of safari!

Header image of One Country Safari Special

Tell us about your favourite travel novel/movie/documentary?

Idiot abroad. 😃 can one call that a travel documentary? I love the deadpan and humorous way that they explore the most incredible places, and they do some weird and wonderful experiences. And it shows that humour can connect people from all walks of life, with vastly different lives, cultures and languages, but still laughter is laughter.

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