Protecting Rhinos: Join the Conservation Safari adventure of a Lifetime

Participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience to protect Africa's majestic rhinos with Sikeleli Travel, Rhino 911, and world-renowned conservationist Nico Jacobs, in partnership with Lisa Goldsmith.

Our exclusive conservation experience and then safari offer an unparalleled opportunity to witness firsthand the groundbreaking work to safeguard Africa’s critically endangered rhinos from poaching and habitat loss. 

You can not only witness BUT PARTICIPATE in this rare and important conservation activity with Nico Jacobs and his team in collaboration with Headed to Africa and Sikeleli Travel. 

The Rhino Conservation experience: 

An exclusive chance to participate in a unique conservation experience by joining a responsible rhino trimming session led by Nico Jacobs, the esteemed conservationist and founder of Rhino 911, alongside top wildlife veterinarians, conservationist and anti-poaching ranger units. Witness firsthand the essential medical interventions carried out to protect Africa’s dwindling rhino population.

Participants will start by experiencing a helicopter ride with the team to spot the rhinos. Followed by a rare up-close encounter with Africa’s wildlife (the rhino) and actively take part in the procedures. These hands-on activities involve various interventions on both white rhinos and the endangered black rhinos, including: Responsible rhino trimming: Regular maintenance of rhino horns due to their continual growth. Comprehensive health assessments: Such as blood sampling, vitamin administration, ear notching, satellite tagging, rhino horn measurement, and other necessary procedures conducted on individual rhinos as determined in the field.

All interventions are meticulously overseen by experienced veterinarians and conservation teams to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals. The utmost care is taken during these necessary procedures, recognizing the vulnerability of the animals at such times.

Safari Time: 

Sikeleli Travel will also curate an amazing safari for you and your family around this activity in either South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, or Tanzania. The trip can be as short or long as you like and conservation-focused and/or pure safari and enjoying Africa’s true wilderness and wildlife areas. 

Book Your Spot:

Take your chance to be part of this meaningful conservation adventure. Limited spots are available. Reserve your place today and make a difference for Africa’s rhinos. In the air with Nico Jacobs. 

A once-in-lifetime experience to make a real difference in the conservation of rhinos.

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Participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience to protect Africa's majestic rhinos.