Ali, Mori & family

Posted on February 11, 2020, featured in

Belinda – Thank you on behalf of our entire family for organizing what was truly a dream trip to Africa. As you know, it was a first for all of us and we will cherish our memories forever. I totally understand why Africa steals people’s hearts and know we’ll be back one way or another. 

Your thoughtfulness in every detail was much appreciated when we arrived and there was always someone handling us and making sure everything happened according to plan and our wishes. With young kids, I think this really helped us get the most out of our trip and allowed Mori and I to relax a lot more than if we had been trying to navigate transfers and tours on our own. 

The places we stayed were all wonderful and the service exceeded all expectations. Our family felt genuinely welcome and cared for by all the staff at each stop.

We want to particularly recognize our tour guide in Nairobi James (of Naked Wilderness) as he was outstanding from the moment he picked us up on our first night until the last flight home when he checked in to make sure we were doing ok. His knowledge, kindness, energy, work ethic and follow up were unbelievable. Upon request (because we were feeling less jet-lagged than expected), James arranged a few memorable last-minute excursions including one to Kibera (led by a resident) and Kazuri Beads, which we visited when the beadmakers broke out in song at 3 pm. I have attached my social media post about Kibera because it was a very moving tour. As for James, I would highly recommend him  to anyone travelling in Nairobi/Kenya and I think he’s the perfect ambassador for Kenya. 

Samson, our safari tour guide at Mara Intrepids was also outstanding. My social post about him is attached. My kids were hugging him after the first tour (and they don’t spontaneously hug anyone!) And he worked incredibly hard to maximize each and every moment of each and every drive. Words can’t capture what it meant to see the Masai Mara and its wildlife. It was simply magical. There’s nothing to prepare you for the scale and concentration of the wildlife and the spectacular beauty of the land, and we live in a place that’s known for its natural beauty as well! 

Mara Intrepids was perfect for our family. The staff became like family and were so kind. I have attached the thank you letter that my daughter left and she added at least 6 more names to this card after this picture. The grounds and rooms are lovely and the unparalleled location relative to the airstrip and the wildlife “action” was much appreciated. 

Our trip to the Masai Village and school were very moving and insightful into both the community’s challenges and inspiring progress. There were many times when we couldn’t help but feel that we share many of the same dreams and concerns. But there were also a few times when we also felt totally humbled by the strength and resilience of some of the people we met, who live in vastly different circumstances than ours. This was the case both in the Masai village and school, in Kibera and in Zanzibar. 

Again, we were blown away by the genuine warmth, energy and kindness of the Kenyan an Tanzanian people. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve been to in the world on this front. 

Thank you again for arranging 11 heavenly days in Africa. It exceeded all expectations and I can not wait to return one day. I will be highly recommending you to the many friends who now want to go to Africa after seeing my Instagram posts!

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