Beth, Myla & family

Posted on April 15, 2017, featured in

The service from Danni and Sikeleli was excellent!  We really appreciated having a “customized trip,” incorporating many of the elements from other tours but combined just for us.  Danni used our suggestions but also drew upon her own expertise and knowledge.  As a result, the trip was exactly what we had hoped.

Danni responded to our questions in a timely, detailed way, even when she was traveling herself.  The itinerary provided on arrival was very helpful and complete so that we knew what was in store for us each day.  We suggest that Sikeleli consider sending the itinerary prior to departure, as it would have been good to know about tip amounts so that we could bring appropriate cash and schedules when we were in cities to arrange to meet friends there, etc.

The trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways!  The accommodations were lovely; the guides were excellent, and of course, the scenery and animals were incredible!  Our itinerary and schedule was structured but flexible and allowed us to have a number of serendipitous experiences.  We felt very comfortable and reassured that all was unfolding as it should – never doubt or worry!

There were so many special moments that it’s a challenge to pick only one highlight.  The safaris and the animals were of course fantastic – we couldn’t believe how many we saw (the Big Five in the first 24 hours!) and how close we were to them.  It was great to have an opportunity to meet the local people, in the villages and at the camps.  One night at Gomoti, we were the only guests and ended up joining hands with all the staff and singing together around the campfire under a sky full of stars – an image and feeling I’ll never forget.

We loved the cities too – seeing the sights around the Cape, tasting the wine, walking through Soweto, and visiting the powerful Apartheid Museum.

The helicopter ride over the Gomoti Plains was totally unplanned but was an amazing way to see the terrain and herds of animals – like something out of a movie.  We would definitely recommend Sikeleli to friends and family!

I hope to return to Botswana with my son-in-law and their family. In addition, I would love to visit Tanzania and perhaps Uganda or Rwanda to see gorillas.