Bonnie & Robert

Posted on February 11, 2020, featured in

Highlights were the fabulous animals we saw, and the wonderful people we met. The guides and staff everywhere were amazing.

Laura at Victoria Falls, Calvert our guide and Ronald who greeted us and made drinks at Somalisa, at Mapula our guide Chabbo, and really all the guides there were mixing and mingling and making it a lovely time.

Each arrival and transfer went smoothly, making the trip stress free. This was very helpful!

Both camps went out of their way to celebrate our anniversary.

Somalisa had people go ahead of us to our sundowner, surprising us with champagne, appetizers, and an array of beverages. The other group joined us for a celebration.

Mapula came out with a cake for us, and about 20 staff, singing and dancing! The whole camp danced, the singing was incredible.

The dinner and wine our first night in Johannesburg provided by the travel agency was very sweet. Thank you.