Dan and Lauren

Posted on May 21, 2024, featured in

Travelled in April 2024 |

“We just got back from our trip and I wanted to reach out and thank you for the awesome job you did in arranging it. We had a simply incredible time!  From the moment we touched down to the time we left it was just a magical experience. All three camps were amazing in their own way and we loved every minute of it. The people, animals, accommodations and travel were all superb.

I was a little worried about the high expectations I had coming into this trip but my expectations were surpassed at every level.

We had once in a lifetime nature experiences with amazing guides hosted by people that were so kind and caring.

At Somalisa on our first day we were delayed by an elephant that decided to camp out on our front door! We nicknamed our guide Mike the African Indiana Jones, knowledgeable, professional and charismatic.

At Thorntree we thought we were dropped into a five star hotel that happened to have elephants and hippos as neighbors and at Nyamatusi we had an amazing canoe trip where we actually got chased by an annoyed hippo. Our guides laughed about it but it got our adrenaline going!

It was just an amazing experience all around.

Thank you again for organizing our trip so professionally, it went off without a hitch.”