Emma & Adam

Posted on March 13, 2020, featured in

We absolutely LOVED every part of our trip, there wasn’t anything we would have skipped looking back. The bush (safari) is the most magical experience we have and possibly ever will experience. Every moment was incredible, it is truly inexplicable. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of being out in the wild with the most majestic animals. The sounds, smells, sights are beyond belief. We really enjoyed the wine tour and all of the guided private tours that you organized for us. The guides were always knowledgeable and kind. We felt safe the whole time and really loved every person we came in contact with.

This was our first time using an agent and we loved it. We are both good travellers and have no problem getting around foreign countries together but being our honeymoon and Africa we thought it would be nice to “treat ourselves”. It was such a treat to just show up and have everything ready for us, drivers waiting, hosts ready for our check-ins, special surprises, etc. The preparation that went into place really made our honeymoon a breeze allowing us to relax and enjoy the countries and each other.

Danni was there for us if we needed anything (although we didn’t have any hiccups until the end). When Adam had some tummy troubles on our last day, I messaged Danni to ask for a recommendation on somewhere to go to get checked before our flight. She quickly responded saying she would be on her way to take us. She picked us up and took us to the ER and waited with us until we were seen. He was fine, got some fluids and anti-nausea meds and we were on our way. We consider Danni a new friend and hope to see her in her travels to California one day!