Frederique, Monique, Paul, Claude, & Thomas

Posted on October 20, 2018, featured in

First of all, we all had such an amazing time during the trip, an experience that none of us will ever forget. One of the highlights really was the accommodations we stayed at. The concept of safari camps truly met our expectations of doing a safari trip and stepping out of our comfort zone.

We loved being close to nature and animals and especially meeting great people and learning a lot from them. Additionally, we particularly liked staying at the Vintage Camp (Hwange) due to its eco-friendly note.

Another highlight was also the way the trip was organized. Karen genuinely planned the trip by giving us a few days of rest in between two safaris in Victoria Falls. Finally, not to mention, we adored seeing all this wildlife and beautiful nature with this perfect weather!

I contacted Karen pretty late and with a quite restricted budget for the trip. But this did not hinder her to fulfil all my requests in a very short time period. Attentive to my requirements, she offered me several options and was always ready to answer my many questions.

The Sikeleli Africa Safaris website was very helpful as it contained a lot of information on how to pack for a safari trip, on visa and vaccination requirements as well as information on the country itself. Moreover, I really liked the way the trip was presented by the software, giving a good overview of the whole organization.

I would definitely recommend Sikeleli Africa Safaris to family and friends and even use your services again.