John and Anna

Posted on August 28, 2023, featured in

Travelled in July 2023  |

Starting with the flights and then arrival in Lusaka – it was all seamless.

South Luangwa. The first camp was great- had a good game drive in seeing lots of game. I thought the hotel accommodation was very luxurious and the guides etc knowledgeable. We had a few walks there and they emphasised the stories which suited us over just ticking off animals. The walk between the camps and sleep out were a highlight.

The second camp in south luwanga – stunning view from the accommodation. Food etc was great in both! We had a great time flying out in the small plane and Anna enjoyed sitting in the copilot seat.

Transfer to lower Zambezi went smoothly. The walking there was incredible and we felt very welcome. I really liked the entire experience at lower Zambezi and thought the increased time there was definitely a great thing. We got on well with the guides (dispencer, Karl and Jacob) the whole set up there was precisely what we were looking for. A big shout out to the camp manager Nana who arranged for a private dining evening- when we were able to have some time together without other guests.