The Jones Family

Posted on March 29, 2023, featured in

Travelled in December 2022

Incredible family holiday, visiting Mauritius over the new year period, the weather was ok, wet on some days and sunny and wonderful on others, but Karen had mentioned this so we were expecting it and prepared for it so it wasn’t a damper on our holiday.

We stayed at Victoria Beachcomber and this hotel was great, our room was on the second floor with a beautiful sea view, also I must mention that the room was huge, more than enough space for our whole family, so clean and fresh, and it was kept that way all through our stay.

We were on an all inclusive package and this is definitely the way to do it, the bar staff keep you well hydrated and the good stuff flowing, the food was,,,, wow! What a spread, every meal there was something different and delicious. With 4 restaurants to eat at there really is no reason to leave the hotel! Also the “kids club” is next level, they kept the kids busy and most importantly entertained whenever my son was there, from pirate parties, fire poi shows on the beach, a full Disney show , dancing, swimming and crafts the kids had the best of the best.

It was a daily negotiation with our son that he spend at least some time with the family. We plan to do this trip again in 2 years so that our daughter too can get involved with all the fun. We really would struggle to fault this holiday, right down to the transfers and flights, the the behind the scenes – information and that wonderful ‘Vamoos’ app with the countdown function, it really was all put together so seamlessly so a massive thanks to Karen and all at Sikeleli for putting together this holiday of our dreams!

Definitely worth every penny. We have recommended Sikeleli to everyone I can think of.  Thanks again for a great trip and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for our next one!