Posted on September 25, 2017, featured in

The trip was terrific and filled with so many unique and favorite experiences. Ending the trip with a candlelit dinner in the middle of the bush was the best. When the staff was singing to us under the stars, we literally were brought to tears.

Everything exceeded expectations. The trip was expensive, but worth every penny. I would even consider it a good value for everything we did and experienced. One of my highlights of the trip was how well the transfers were planned out. Every flight, van, jeep, boat, helicopter, etc was exactly on time. We never were left wondering, or left alone to figure anything out… we were hand held the entire way through all the transfers, which was terrific, and a relief, considering it was our first time to Africa.

The only thing I would change in the itinerary would be to have more time in Victoria Falls. We definitely could have filled another two days there at the Metetsi lodge and at the Falls. Maybe even another day to just relax and enjoy the resort! It would have been fun to have one day in town to just roam around the town, and then spend an afternoon at the Hotel at high tea. Then another day hiking around the Falls… then another day for activities like the helicopter, bungee jumping, rafting, etc… there was so much to do and sadly we didn’t get to do all of it. .but… that gives us a reason to go back!

Everything was absolutely perfect… can’t really think of anything! The cash crisis in Zimbabwe was a little odd for us because we literally had no access to cash the entire trip. We were properly warned about this, but we tend to be heavy tippers and spenders, so naturally we wound up going through the cash we brought a little early.

We all especially appreciated choice of lodges and the sequence of accommodations. It would have been overwhelming to go straight to the Okavango Delta under canvas… but starting at the luxurious Metetsi lodge and then moving deeper into the bush was just the right way to do it… and we wouldn’t have known to do it this way… so thanks for your expertise! Doing it this way was JUST PERFECT.