Karin, Paul, Chet & Michael

Posted on July 8, 2018, featured in

There were so many highlights. Of course, seeing all the animals was a thrill. Our safari guides and trackers were fantastic at finding incredible sites for us to see. We can’t imagine it could have been any better. The lodges we stayed at were all phenomenal. The accommodations were comfortable and beautiful, with lovely employees, extraordinary food, and extraordinary hospitality.

Being met by helping guides at every leg of the trip made us feel very comfortable and secure. This gave us a sense of peace about the entire trip.

The website provides a great deal of useful information to help prepare for a trip to Africa.

Thanks to Danni for always answering our emails, sometimes with our silly questions and sometimes with things we had previously asked. She was very good at alleviating any concerns we may have had before the trip about foreign travel.

Given the amount of time we had to make the trip, I thought the time we spent at each lodge and area was perfect. We saw unique things at each, and at the end combining all three areas the trip encompassed everything we could have hoped for. The lodges were all five star and the money spent.

I would absolutely, highly recommend you to family and friends without hesitation.

It was absolutely the thrill of a lifetime. I am so impressed with Danni!! Her advice was invaluable. I had the opportunity to meet her and found her to be the most remarkable young lady I have met in many years. We never had to worry about a thing, we were met at each airport and assisted through every procedure, we were informed the day before our pickup for ground transfers as to time, and we never waited.

The accommodations selected were amazing, as well as the staffs. Friendly, attentive, fun to be with and always felt it was honestly sincere. We saw multitudes of wildlife and collectively, we must have exceeded 3000 pictures. Victoria Falls was everything I imagined and well worth the side trip.

Each place we stayed at was different, but all were luxurious and comfortable, with beautiful grounds and delicious food and beverages to meet every taste.

If I have one regret, it’s because I didn’t plan a longer trip than the eleven days we planned. Eighteen would have been much better. However, they might not have been able to get me on a plane to come home if I had. My compliments and thanks to all involved in making my 82nd birthday trip the marvelous experience it was.

Actually, everywhere we went was just a little different and remarkable. Wildlife abundant and varied wherever we went. I enjoyed meeting the other guest from all over the world and have formed, I hope, lasting relations with some of the staff who waited on us and saw to our safety and needs.

Elephants with family of young from 3 weeks to 3 years old, lions and cubs, leopards so close you could almost reach out and touch them, giraffe, gnu, impala, steenbuck, kudu, hyena, cape buffalo, ring-tailed mongoose, baboon and monkeys, and numerous birds and other hoofed animals, and of course the magnificent Victoria Falls. It is impossible to say that one part was more memorable than another.

I would definitely try to stay a bit longer. Every sighting of any animal was a new one and brought excitement to us all.