Posted on October 6, 2017, featured in

INCREDIBLE. Words can’t describe how fantastic the trip was. Favorite moments included watching elephants play in a watering hole, seeing a herd of sleeping lions, sitting around the fire talking to our guide about the local flora and fauna, sipping drinks at sun down…… the list goes on and on.

The safari went far beyond my expectations. I could not have asked for a more memorable or more perfect experience. Sikeleli worked well within our budget and timing constraints and crafted a safari that was perfect for our time spent in Zimbabwe. I can’t express how grateful I am for their help, professionalism and knowledge.

Everything was above and beyond. Past perfect!

I actually gave Sikeleli business cards to other safari goers that we met along our trip who had booked through other agencies. They had complaints about a few of their booking arrangements, and I could not say enough good things about my booking experience, so I had to share Sikeleli with them.

Can’t wait to see you in Africa again! Hopefully it’ll be soon!!!!