Posted on April 8, 2018, featured in

Sikeleli and our travel consultant, Danni, not only made our first trip to Africa a breeze, but it was the trip of a lifetime. Everything was taken care of for us from start to finish.  The accommodations were stunning, the locations diverse and beautiful, and every excursion/tour we did was well worth it.  I am so glad we chose to use them for this adventure, it truly would not have been possible without them!

Each destination was so unique that it is hard to pick, and if you asked me and my husband what our favorite parts were I think we would say different things (which, in my opinion, is a great thing).  Going to the falls edge of Victoria Falls and seeing the falls from both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides provided such different perspectives on this world wonder.  The proximity to animals on safari and luxury of the lodge both surprised and impressed.  Exploring Cape Town through a food tour and eating/drinking our way through the city was an incredible introduction. Hiking table mountain and at the Cape of Good Hope also allowed us to revel in the natural beauty of this cosmopolitan city.  Franschhoek and the Winelands blew us away; the stunning natural beauty, relaxed pace of the town, incredible and approachable vintages, and delicious food scene all made this an unforgettable locale.

There is little that we could do to improve upon our trip.  We would want to give ourselves more time in the Winelands as we only just scratched the surface of all it has to offer.  Otherwise, the timing and activities in each place were perfect for us!