Laura Boyd

Posted on August 6, 2020, featured in

Every day of my trip was a highlight. Lots of miles covered, and beautiful landscapes that changed over the miles-stunning sand dunes, to quaint seaside German towns, to crashing waves on a desolate beach during a sand storm, to dramatic mountains that just appeared out of nowhere after we went up over a hill, to rock carvings, to wild elephants and rhinos. I am thrilled that I had a driver/guide, so that I could enjoy every bit of scenery, without having to worry about where I was going and how I was supposed to get there- a luxury having a driver/guide, but so very worth it.

I truly feel that this trip to Namibia was, if not the best trip, than one of the best trips I have ever taken- between the beautiful country, having a wonderful guide/driver, and the gift of space and time that I tend to miss in my daily life. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible for me!!