Family Stauffer

Posted on September 1, 2021, featured in

Traveled June 2021.

Sharing the experience with family as we met wonderful people, saw many animals, and ate wonderful food. The whole experience was wonderful and we didn’t have to do all the planning, just tell Sikeleli what we desired to do while there!

We had a worry free vacation within our budget! During this time of uncertainty in travel many changes had to be made and our trip was delayed twice making – it actually ended up happening over a year after it was scheduled. Sikeleli was there with us – patient and able to help in every way to make our dream a reality.

This is our second trip with Sikeleli travels and both times we have had a wonderful time with our fun and professional guides, saw many amazing animals and scenery and met many wonderful people. It has been a far better time then if we would have tried to set up our own travels. Having wonderful travel agents who keep in touch, know what documents need filled out, and have amazing patience, can call the different tour sights and get them set up as well as set up our itinerary (with our input of course!)makes it worry free and relaxing!

It is a trip I would recommend to anyone.

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