Leslie S

Posted on August 5, 2021, featured in

Traveled July 2021.

I felt very safe in Africa. Sikeleli was in touch with me from the minute I landed at JNB. I did not feel scared or threatened at any time. I was terrified before I went. Especially because as a woman and I was travelling alone.. Everyone was always in contact with each other… guides, drivers (very friendly, welcoming and funny).

The transfers were on time and I flew in a 2 seater airplane for the first time. It was fun. I just trusted the people in charge. Victoria falls was nice. I felt safe going for walks outside of my lodge at Shongwe Lookout. And the wild life was absolutely amazing at all of my camps. Lots of elephants. We saw wild dog. African cat. Serval. Mongoose roan antelope. Sable. Impala. Warthog. Leopard. lion. Giraffe. Zebra. Hippo. Buffalo. Cheetahs. I fed elephant and rhinos at Imire! And the food was fantastic.