Li Woon & family

Posted on January 16, 2019, featured in

Overall, we had such a good time, we could almost say the entire trip was a highlight!

But more specific moments would be:

– Speeding through the reserve to where a rhino was, and seeing the rhino itself (Gomoti)

– Catching a leopard right under a tree by the side of the road as we were heading back to the camp on our last afternoon drive (when we had almost given up) (Gomoti)

– Elephant coming into camp & going right past our tent (Gomoti)

– Having dinner right outside our tent, & hearing a lion roaring away just outside the camp (and wondering if he might like our food)

– First lion sighting for kids (Camp K)

– Pictures with the meerkats (Camp K)

– Bushman experience, particularly the part where they dug up a scorpion for us to hold in our hands (Camp K)

– Getting onto increasingly smaller aircrafts as we got closer to camp and then the small 6-seater with only 4 of us onboard between the 2 camps

I was certainly happy and impressed with the speed at which things were done by you/your team. You also worked within the budget parameters I provided (which I recognize may have been somewhat vague, to begin with).