Lori, Dave, Natalie, Matthew & Libby

Posted on July 14, 2018, featured in

The whole trip was wonderful!

One highlight was visiting my son’s village and meeting the people he lives and works with. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. They prepared a traditional meal for us, consisting of chicken, goat, nshima and two vegetables with groundnuts and spinach. It gave us a delicious introduction to Zambian food.

The Tours Africa transportation were great! The meet and greet in Lusaka was nice and helpful. We learned a lot about Zambia from our drivers and they were very accommodating when we wanted to make unscheduled stops! They also delivered our delayed luggage to the hotel, the day after we arrived in Lusaka. The Wild Horizons team was also great!

The next highlight was visiting South Luangwa National Park and staying at the Track and Trail River Lodge. We had an incredible time there! All the people who worked there were so nice, and they catered to our every need. The food at the Lodge was incredible! I miss it! The chalets we stayed in were awesome! We felt welcomed and safe. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

Our safari guide, Vick, was excellent at his job and gave us amazing safari experiences. We saw so much more wildlife than we expected and learned so much from him. He was wonderful!

Another highlight was Victoria Falls. It was mind-blowing! Pictures definitely don’t do it justice. The experience was awe-inspiring! The Maramba River Lodge was fine. If we had gone there before Track and Trail, we probably would have been more impressed with it. The restaurant food and bar service were good and the people who worked there were nice. It was also a nice location on the river and the common areas were beautiful. The reception we got when we arrived could have been better. We enjoyed the Zambezi Café and Olga’s in Livingstone.

We also liked the Cresta Golfview Hotel in Lusaka and the Protea Hotel in Chipata. The staffs were friendly, the rooms nice and the food was good.

Everything in Zambia went smoothly and with a minimum of stress. We were able to relax and enjoy the experience. It was wonderful!

I have recommended you to other Peace Corps families who are planning to visit Zambia and will definitely recommend you to any friends or family interested in an African adventure.