Posted on November 9, 2022, featured in

Travelled in August 2022

Going on a safari has always been a must do for me. Africa would be my 7th continent to conquer and deciding what to see and do had to be really special. Sikeleli managed to do that and more. My must see and do’s took us to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Their attention to detail to making a smooth and seamless transition to each destination couldn’t have gone any better. A special thank you to Karen for ensuring that each day in the itinerary is accounted for. We especially appreciate that she gave us a room to freshen up and recharge as our first day arrival was just after midnight and check-in for our first official day was not until later in the day.

The accommodation chosen were top notch. The overall experience was everything I dreamed about and more! Spending an hour with a gorilla family up close and personal in Rwanda in their natural habitat is unbelievably amazing.

The Masai Mara in Kenya did not disappoint with the variety of animals we saw. We even witnessed a predator becoming prey when a mama cheetah chased some baby warthogs only to have mama warthog angrily chase her away. The Serengeti in Tanzania was a definite highlight as we witnessed a wildebeest migration river crossing with a crocodile snatching a calf struggling to swim across. Sad, but such is the cycle of life.

Overall, I couldn’t have picked a better company for my first ever safari. I posted a lot of pics on facebook which has convinced many of my family and friends that a safari is indeed a must do. When they decide, I definitely will recommend Sikeleli.