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Posted on November 29, 2023, featured in

Travelled in November 2023 |

Karen at Sikelei Travel organised the most amazing trip for our group of 10.

Two nights at Vic Fall staying at the fabulous Vic Falls Safari Lodge then on to Hwanga staying at Chibutu Camp who the best guides and then on to the unique Goliath Camp. All so different and wonderful. I highly recommend it all. Karen made sure it all happened to perfection.

We have had such an amazing time. You delivered just what Sean asked for two very different experiences and we loved both camps.

Julian and Adam were exceptional guides and managed our noisy group well. They went out of their way to give us a good game experience. I loved the setup of the camp and the Lions roaring close by added to it all.

Goliath Camp is stunning.  It was not as basic as we had thought it would be and had good working fans for the extreme heat. The food was excellent and Stretch’s staff were wonderful.  The game was not necessarily prolific but Stretch tracked before our drives to ensure we saw things. Every effort was made for us and needs catered for.

So thank you for organising it all.

I should mention we had a wonderful time at Vic Falls (which already seems a life time ago). Andrew’s Lodge is a wonderful place to stay, a good place to unwind before setting off into the Bush.

Our pilot was also excellent and took great care of us once we landed in Harare ensuring we were all in the right place. 

So now we have to fend for ourselves once more but our stay in Zimbabwe was just wonderful.