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Posted on February 18, 2017, featured in

Our safari camp, The Hide – the hospitality, food, amenities, staff, facilities, and of course, the park are all top-notch.  The only “complaint” (and not their fault whatsoever) is that because we were there for such a short time.  The lunches and dinners, both at the camp and in the bush, were exceptional and memorable.

A couple of highlights……On our first afternoon there, just before sundown, we were able to watch a herd of around 50 elephants at a watering hole, soon joined by at least another 50. Thereafter, whether a night drive or daylight drive, we always saw numerous elephants…….The other highlight was seeing a lioness on the hunt.  Managed to see her make a move on some impala, but the baboons had tipped them off.  She then turned around and slowly walked back towards us, eventually walking between our jeep and the other one from the Hide, Incredible.

Ian led all of our drives.  He has incredible knowledge and expertise, not just of the animals but also of the birds, trees, you name it.  One of our guys from the UK is a very avid birder (his life list of African birds went over the 600 species mark on the trip) and between him and Ian we saw so many beautiful and interesting birds. That made the drives much better because as you know, sometimes you don’t see animals for long stretches, but you almost always see birds!

I felt relieved knowing that everyone in our small group, but especially the first-timers, had a great time, thanking me for making the arrangements and indicating that the short excursion exceeded their expectations.

As for the services of Sikeleli Africa Safaris, I want to again express my deepest thanks for the thoughtful recommendation but particularly for arranging all the transportation and fees into a single reasonably-priced package.  The transportation was comfortable and punctual;  Peace is a very conscientious and safe driver.

Danni, it was a pleasure working with you to put this excursion together. Your personable but professional approach immediately put me at ease, and I appreciated your quick and helpful responses to all my questions.  I would most certainly recommend Sikeleli Africa Safaris (and The Hide) to anyone I know thinking of going to Zimbabwe or anywhere else on a safari.”

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