Natasha & Pat

Posted on May 27, 2019, featured in

Sikeleli Safaris is awesome!  Our trip was planned so well as far as logistics, lodging, activities, timing of where we were throughout our 18 days.  Would recommend this company to anyone setting up that dream trip or for us, it was a bucket list trip to use them as their contacts with vendors and knowledge created a trip that we could have never planned on our own on our best day.  We researched at least 5 different companies and from the beginning, it was clear that Sikeleli Safaris was on their game and very knowledgeable, and they worked with us and our dreams to set it up as we dreamed it to be not as they dreamed it to be and worked with us a lot on our desires and just didn’t try to sell us on whatever they wanted.  Have already recommended them to at least a dozen people that I know that would also like to visit Africa as we did.  Would be happy to talk to anyone that wanted to know more feel free to reach out to me, but they did an amazing job and the best trip ever taken in my life and I have traveled a lot and around the world.

The safaris were amazing and the places they booked us in were awesome.  The people at the camps we were booked in were so friendly nice and the accommodations were first class clean and all the activities they offered were incredible.  Loved staying in the sky beds and sure it helped we were so lucky with the weather we had while there, but that was a never forget experience.  And the game drives we also were so lucky to see so many cool and amazing animals up close and personal.  Cape Town was great too and the nice lady Pam they put us with at Cape Town Eats was so friendly and fun to travel around with, and she made Cape Town and the wineries and such so much fun, and she knew so much and would recommend asking for her too.  Cape Town is like San Francisco and it was so awesome that so many wonderful things are within 2 hours of Cape Town.  The safaris and the private reserves though were just the most amazing part of the trip for sure and just having that experience will forever be in my head and definitely plan on returning and possibly taking my kids to this time, so they can also have this once in a lifetime memory.  Also, the people who had met us at the airport and run us through the VIP line at customs was so clutch and worth it, would not have that as part of the trip!!!