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Posted on February 8, 2023, featured in

Travelled in December 2022

One of the best trips we’ve been on, and we can’t wait to go back to the Southeast Asian part of the world! Sikeleli knows what we love, and we love that they share such a big travel passion with us. It’s always so exciting to work with such a great crew and share our experiences with them.

Singapore – Futuristic and glamorous! Staying at some of the nicest accommodations in all of our travels (Marina Bay Sands and The Ritz Carlton overlooking the Bay and city, and consistently tasting some of the best foods throughout the day with our guide. The UNESCO largest Orchid Botanical Garden in the world was also a wonderful bonus and must-see. New Year’s Eve celebration with the fireworks and drones over the bay way over the top!

Brunei – Probably the most surprising to discover, and we enjoyed it much more than we could have imagined. The sunset mangrove tour along the river to see the endangered Proboscis monkeys was straight out of National Geographic. We loved strolling into the smokey night markets to sample the tastiest foods and people watch (our guide hit every item on our list that we wanted to try, plus more!) Staying in the water-village with only wooden piers and boats to get around was a VERY cool experience, would have loved to stay longer there with the wonderful host Kim.

Malaysia – Wow! Everything in full beautiful decoration for the Chinese New Year. Ipoh was luxurious with the hot springs and exotic lush angular mountains around us. Penang with learning about the Clan and heritage houses, and of course enjoying one of the best food capitals in the world! Loved lounging in our over water villa on Langkawi island, and strolling the many historical alleys in Malacca admiring the street art.

Love the Sikeleli website, travelers’ testimonials, updates on where Danni is in the world at the moment, and seeing all the new places that Sikeleli is adding to the travel portfolio as options. Karen/Fungia were very prompt in sharing the latest drafts of our itineraries and answering all of our detailed questions.

Hoping one day we can take some of our closest with us on a Sikeleli adventure 🙂

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