Nyette and Bo

Posted on January 29, 2024, featured in

Travelled in December 2023|

Bo & I would like to thank Karen, Dani and Mark for a wonderful, yet unforgettable vacation. 

Thanks to you we’ve made life-long friends and unforgettable memories that will last a life time.Traveling to the countries at the expense was perfect and gave us life long memories enjoyed by all: family, friends, colleagues and strangers!  

Due to your phenomenal execution of planning and attention to detail, I’ve recommended Sikeleli Travel and Expeditions to family, friends and colleagues. Surprisingly, a favorite colleague has taken the initiative to contact you for future explorations

We experienced an awesome private safari in the hands of the experienced “Fanuel!” 

He hails from Old Drift Lodge in Zimbabwe. Old Drift Lodge delivered a 5-star experience from lodging to accommodations to safaris and Victoria Falls. Also, the staff’s impressive attention to detail, especially my dietary restrictions (gluten-free). Meet the People & Homestead lunch strengthened a bond between two women I deem will last a life time. 

We loved the Old Drift Lodge and consider their family ours. Visiting Robben Island and having the experience of seeing Mandela’s actual jail cell left us in awe. The exhilaration when reaching the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, took our breath away (and almost my body)! 

Our tour guide: Andre, from Cape Town, gave a graphic (honestly heartbreaking) tour explicating slavery and dispelling myths taught in the United States. To conclude our magnificent journey, another tour guide in Hoedspruit, South Africa lead us to a breathtaking 30 feet from the most spectacular, and exquisite, albeit fastest land animal in the world: Cheetah! 

I actually froze (and couldn’t move) when my cell phone zoomed in, piercing directly face-to-face! All are branded in our memories forever!

The online itinerary: Vamoos, observed by colleagues was a pivotal point in decided which company to have assist in their travels to Africa. She contacted Sikeleli immediately. There were daily intricately detailed itineraries adorned with 4K background visuals of awe-inspiring pictures and exquisite colors.