Peter & Julie

Posted on February 11, 2020, featured in

Overall a fantastic experience.

Safari highlights were (1) everything at Selinda Explorer’s Camp, but especially following one of their female lions on a hunt and watching her figure out that in order to cross the water without alerting her potential prey, she needed to sneak across at the same time as a herd of elephants;
(2) tracking a cheetah at Somalisa Acacia; and
(3) watching Sable Alley’s pack of wild dogs greet their young after the daytime nap, then tagging along with the adults on their successful evening hunt. After the dogs made their kill–and impala–we watched them eat for a few moments and then raced back to the den so that we could see the adults return to regurgitate for the puppies.

Another highlight was the tour of Soweto, which was eye-opening and extraordinary.
Belinda did a great job working within budgetary and timing constraints and finding good activities during our non-safari times in the cities. Especially impressive was Belinda’s ability to adapt on extremely short notice when our flight plans changed; we ended up having to be in Joburg 24 hours early, and Belinda set up a terrific day in Soweto and at the Apartheid museum within minutes.

We have already recommended you to family and friends! And we will continue to do so.