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We were extremely lucky to stumble upon Sikeleli Africa Safaris after doing a search online for safari travel agents. Right from the start I knew Sikeleli Africa Safaris would organise an excellent holiday for my wife and I, little did I know how great it would be. The information we received from Danni & Karen was informative and they offered us a variety of different options based on our budget and number of days we wanted to spend at each location. Everything went so smoothly and we have lots of activities booked and we were picked up on time for everything.
The hotel & lodges that Karen recommended were superb and we were looked after so well. It is hard to pick the most memorable parts of the trip as the list would go on and on. Every day was something different and equally enjoyable. There is nothing I would do differently as Karen organised a perfect holiday. Thank you for all your hard work Karen and the Sikeleli Africa Safaris team. I would without a doubt recommend Sikeleli Africa Safaris for a safari, you will not be let down. I will definitely be using Sikeleli Africa Safaris again.

About the trip:

Everything went so smoothly and the hotel and lodges were perfect. We couldn’t have wished for a better holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed all the activities at Victoria Falls, The Hide and Kavinga. The Hide & Kavinga were absolutely brilliant, we were extremely lucky with the game we saw both at the Hide & Kavinga. The Hide was beautiful and the food was excellent. Our guide, Teo, was extremely knowledgeable about all the wildlife, plants, insects we saw. I didn’t take your advice seriously about how cold it would be in the morning & evening. I didn’t bother bringing a beanie or gloves as I didn’t think it would be that cold. But I have learnt my lesson for next time.

The Hide did arrange for hot water bottles for us in the evening and Fiona had two hot water bottles on one of the morning game drives. But it was all worth the cold as everything was perfect. The Hide organised a lunch under a tree in their concession which was a lovely touch. They also organised for drinks and snacks to watch the sunset one evening but we got rushed off as we saw three different cats in three different locations (cerval cat, lioness (she was also calling out for her daughter, which was an unforgettable experience) and then a leopard). It was a mad 20 minutes!  Kavinga was equally brilliant as The Hide, even though there were two learner guides (Luke & Liam) accompanied by a stand-in guide, as Siraaj was on leave, they were knowledgeable about all the wildlife, plants, insects. I’m sure they will make outstanding professional guides. We managed to see a pride of wild dogs, lions, hyenas. We also witnessed the pride of lions eating a female buffalo and hyenas circling around waiting their turn, truly unforgettable.  I could go on and on about the other animals I saw!

Thanks again for organising our holiday. Also thank you for taking time out of your day to visit us at the Llala Lodge.