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Posted on August 29, 2022, featured in

Traveled in May 2022.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. It was a privilege to share its wonders with people who clearly love it.

Favorite Matobo memories:

  • Tracking the rhinos with the anti-poacher team.
  • Hiking to the cave paintings
  • Having Shepard the guide spot animals that were completely unseen, he was amazing,
  • The night sky behind the big rock at Big Caves was incredible
  • The physics defying rock formations were a wonderful surprise

Favorite Mama Pools memories:

  • the staff’s dancing and singing to welcome us upon arrival was fantastic.
  • the starlight braai and post-canoe sundowner were fantastic and stunningly beautiful.
  • the walking safaris and close-up encounters with elephants and hippos made lasting memories

In both Matobo and Mana Pools, the ‘family’ dinners with all guests, the hosts, and guides were the perfect end to every evening. The food was great and the conversation was even better. The guides’ knowledge about the flora, fauna, animals, and traditions was impressive and made all rides and walks much more meaningful. We learned a LOT!

The quality of the accommodations, the ease of travel between camps, the expertise of the guides, the friendliness of the staff, and the beauty of each camp made what we spent well worth it.

We will most definitely recommend you! we have shared our experience with those who may have the means to follow in our footsteps.