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Posted on July 1, 2024, featured in

Travelled in May 2024 – for their fourth trip with us | 

I just returned from my fourth trip with Sikeleli (two with my husband and two with my sister).  Karen planned all four trips for me and each trip has been amazing.  On this recent trip, my husband and I spent two weeks in Namibia and a week in Botswana with days in Johannesburg in between.

I can’t imagine other travel agents monitoring things early on a Sunday morning, but she was there for us. 

My only guidance to Karen for Namibia was no group and I wanted to go up to the Skeleton Coast this time.  Karen arranged a wonderful itinerary with gorgeous places to stay like the Shipwreck Lodge up along the Skeleton Coast. 

Our guide, Charl, was just fantastic – very knowledgeable, very relaxed, lots of fun.  We learned a great deal and had fun doing it.  Charl knew all the secrets to having a great visit at each stop.  For example, we went out to Deadvlei in the evening rather than the morning when everyone else goes so we had the whole area to ourselves as the sun was starting to set.  It was magical.  We also had amazing wildlife sightings in Etosha National Park with elephants coming right up to our vehicle on two different days and a cheetah sitting in a road near one of our lodges. 

For our stay in Botswana I simply told Karen let’s plan a week there and she found three terrific Desert and Delta properties.  We had a great time at each lodge; the wildlife sightings were truly spectacular at each property – elephants at watering holes, hundreds of Cape Buffalo at sunset, leopards stalking prey, and cheetahs too full to move.  Each lodge we stayed at was beautiful, the staff superb and attentive, the guides were great, and the food delicious and plentiful.  Karen and I are already in the early planning stages for two more trips. 

I can’t imagine traveling with anyone else.