Sam & Amber

Posted on February 11, 2017, featured in

Thank you SOOO incredibly much!  We have enjoyed our time here!

And a big THANK YOU for the wonderful “bubbly” that you had waiting on us!  We made some excellent friends while here and enjoyed on the beautiful patio at the hotel!  That was so kind of you!

Our tours were excellent!  Alistair picked us up from Stellenbosch, and we started an early day for the peninsula tour on Monday– saw amazing sites and enjoyed his company.  Certainly got in lots of walking and experienced breathtaking views!  It was a full day, and he was a perfect host!

On Tuesday, Ryan picked us up for the eats tour…and boy did we eat!  Lots of local food, coffee, beer…it was also exceptional.

I’d say that both tours were extremely helpful and enjoyable. It was great to get the “overall” and out of town perspective from Alistair and the city/urban/eats tour from Ryan.

The hotel has been extremely accommodating and it’s a fantastic setting. From the reception to the comfortable beds, certainly five-star!  We just wish we could stay longer!

Thank you – not only were you and your services amazing but also our time in South Africa was top-notch!