Sarah, Julian, Roman & Gary

Posted on August 19, 2018, featured in

Trip highlight: The houseboat was overall a fantastic experience. We were concerned that our kids would get a bit antsy after three days on the boat, but they loved it. The staff were gracious and always available to help with anything we needed. They were patient and understanding with the kids. Our guide, Dollar was wonderful and warm, with great sense of humor. He had a breadth and depth of knowledge that seemed to come from a great deal of education and a lot of experience. The kids loved going out and fishing. We loved the game excursions out on the small boat. The lake was so beautiful and peaceful. It was also great to just relax and hang out with friends on the houseboat.

Karen was great. She worked hard to give us options that were not only interesting but would work for our budget.

The website is very well designed. It’s very informative and easy to navigate.

I would definitely recommend this trip to friends. I think it’s the perfect trip to do with a group of people – either family or friends, or both.

Just trying to figure out how we can come back and do another trip!

Thank you!