Posted on April 22, 2024, featured in

Travelled in January 2024 |

“Home safe and sound this morning to be greeted by rain and chilly temperatures but what a really wonderful time we had!

It was also very kind of you to pop in and see us at the Shongwe Oasis, we did enjoy meeting you and drinking the Brut later on, thank you again on both counts.

We managed to catch up with Andy Conn the following day, he surprised us at the Lookout Cafe. He is very like his sister who is a great friend and who recommended Sikeleli to us. So pleased that she did!

Your attention to detail was first class and helped make our entire stay so easy and hassle free. The guides, trackers and staff at the lodges were extremely helpful, courteous and great fun, and we learned so much from them, their knowledge is unbelievable.

Although there were not many guests, we met some very interesting people along the way

So thank you Fungai for arranging such a wonderful holiday, we remain indebted to you and your team and will carry many happy memories of our time in Africa”