Sharon & Bill

Posted on November 4, 2021, featured in

Traveled in October 2021.

The trip was fantastic!!  The only negative is that we are home!  Your attention to detail was superlative and really helped!!  Each location was unique, we felt like we saw mammals and birds in different environments each time……from the dessert like to the more lush delta.  And, we felt pampered!  Our guides really knew their stuff and aimed to please.

You know that I was the one who was most concerned about the effect of Covid….but I truly felt that everyone we came in contact with was cognizant of the concerns and was doing everything possible to minimize the potential of contracting the virus.  I joked that I was sanitized so often its in my blood!

We are happy to give you good reviews, and will do the same for the lodges.  Bill might already be packing for a return trip! We will be in touch! Sharon and Bill