Tammi and walking team of 10

Posted on June 2, 2023, featured in

Travelled in May 2023 |  

Holy moly, what a trip! Wow! Words cannot express how wonderful the whole thing was.

I came into the trip expecting you guys to have everything handled, because of course that’s what you did for Aaron’s fam and myself in Africa, but I never imagined how extra special the on-the -ground team would be of Sandra and Olga – wow!

I am more than over-the-moon and literally in awe of how well your team came to bat for us.

Thank you, from all of us for sticking with us (especially Kathy and Frank) until they make it home on Friday. I just can’t thank you and your team enough, Karen.

It was fun for me to watch how my little crew of 9 interacted with them. They were NEVER alone, Karen – ha! At least one of our team of 9 was constantly with them, talking with them, laughing with them, learning from them. They were extra special.

So once again, you and your team have gone above and beyond in planning and delivering a most excellent adventure that I’m sure we will not forget forever!!!!


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