Tara & Michael

Posted on April 8, 2019, featured in

Too many highlights to mention. The people, the lodges, the animals, the food and wine. The Hide was absolutely beautiful, the people were amazing, and the food was on par with the best restaurants around the world.

The Ngoma lodge in Botswana was an amazing property and the absolute best bed I had ever slept in. The pillows were the type that envelope your head in cloud-like perfection. Could have stayed in that bed for days. But then again I had to leave that perfection for the most beautiful croissant and fruit in the main lodge.

The sundowners were magical. The photo I attached is titled: “Looking for the gin truck”.

We had purchased the safari at a charity event, so honestly, we didn’t have lofty expectations. The auction item was for low season which worked out the best for us. We had been to Africa before, and we like to go when there is lots of water and food for the animals – they are healthy and co-exist beautifully. Danni and Karen were fabulous, working hard to fit the safari into our very narrow window of availability.

The website was beautiful to look at, and I loved all the tips. I am often stressed out by what is the appropriate tips for the various services.

I don’t want to leave too little or do I feel it is right to overtip.

I have already recommended Sikeleli to a number of friends. Michael and I are having a dinner party and inviting some of our friends that we know would love this experience.

Honestly, I have never been treated better than by Danni, Karen and the rest of the team. Karen met us on our first day in Victoria Falls. When we expressed surprise at the cost of the visa, she said that she thought they had made a mistake. Karen took a photo of our visas and said she would go to the visa office and find out what happened. Good to her word, she found out that it was an issue with Canada and Zimbabwe.

It was a good thing as Karen told us we would need to have another US75 cash to get back into Zimbabwe from Botswana. If not we would spend all our US$’s and might still be in Botswana – but then again that would not be a bad thing.

Also, Danni made a point of coming from SA to met us in Victoria Falls and was more than generous.

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