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Posted on September 13, 2018, featured in

Is it possible to add more stars to the 5 star rating? If so add all of them! My family and I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to Southern Africa, all arranged by Sikeleli Africa Safaris and the incomparable Danni Ponter.

I began researching travel companies almost a year prior to our adventure. I had received a few recommendations and searched the web and review sites and reached out to several for information. Danni responded almost immediately and did so differently than any of the others. She didn’t try to sell. Instead, she asked questions. She wanted to understand who we were and what we were looking to experience. Although the budget is of course ultimately a substantial factor, it wasn’t her first question. Danni wanted to understand what we were looking to experience before she matched the itinerary that stayed within our parameters.

Danni shepherded me through the daunting process of deciding what options would best fit all of our needs. We ultimately decided on a 3-part adventure: Victoria Falls, Kruger Park for a safari, and a Cape Town food and sight tour. Brilliantly, Danni chose for us to begin our trip in Victoria Falls. The tranquil setting of our lodge and the incredible natural wonder of the Falls was the perfect beginning to help us recuperate from our long flights. Danni was spot-on in the overall orchestration of our adventure. Her attention to detail, genuine concern and energetic enthusiasm without a doubt significantly elevated our adventure.

Our trip had 3 parts: each with distinct personality.

The Victoria Falls was breathtaking and the perfect beginning for us. The trip to the Fall’s edge and jumping into the Angels Pool was a thrill-seekers dream. Seeing my 92-year-old mother be guided to accompany and watch this adventure was heart-warming.

The safari was everything we imagined and more. The accommodations that Danni arranged were perfect. The guide and tracker were top notch. The most amazing safari experience was when our tracker spotted evidence of a lion which we soon spotted and decided to cautiously follow. After about half an hour, the big female eventually led us to a brush-covered area where, to our amazement, we witnessed over 10 lions feasting on a giraffe that they had killed the night before. That was our first morning!

In Cape Town we did a day-long food tour, including street food and local favorite spots. It’s hard to decide if the surfing lesson experience was more memorable!