The importance of using your Travel Agent

Posted on April 27, 2023, featured in General

Tour Operators and Travel Agents are specialists in the destinations they promote and will make sure they exceed expectations in both knowledge and service with the best possible itinerary and experiences;

Tour Operators give you insights to why use us:


    • First-Hand Knowledge – Each of our travel experts, Fungai, Karen, and Danni visits dozens of properties in each destination that they specialize in and can give you insights from logistics, staff, and other details that you will never find online. Always compare apples with apples!
    • Knowing value for money – we know all the hidden gems, the comparatively less expensive, but have the best experiences and services. We also know all the ones that look great online but the service/style/offering/location is less than good. If we are far away.. we have experienced or trusted partners that have vetted the properties we love and sell and we trust their longevity in the business too.
    • Strong Relationships with the Partners on the Ground – we have relationships with ground handlers and properties in each destination part of their portfolio. This will ensure that you “our dear guest”, will have the best possible experience and peace of mind when you travel as you know you will be well looked after and any special needs will be attended.. because we can usually reach the TOP – head of sales, head of lodge/hotel/camp, head of marketing someone in command and control.
    • Time-Saving – we can save you a lot of time (and how much is your time worth??) Researching travel can be fun but as we usually know you well and we take time to discover your needs and then do the long miles, it’s a good exercise to think about how much time you would spend online researching your trip and how much would that cost.. we have the time, the means, the resources. When we curate this for you we can do our own back and forths and whittle away but have a GREAT core to build and then, your trip is not only curated quickly but with experiences we know you will love.. because WE took the time to know YOU.
    • Logistics and extras the EXTRA mile – it’s all well and good booking hotels but what about flights/cars and restaurants? We can ensure seamless flights/transfers and the best SAFEST drivers and guides (some not applicable in all countries but you get the gist!) and in most big cities we have a concierge service for those special occasions and activities.. restaurants being big for example in Cape Town… we get pref, we hand that over to you!
    • Safety – we always have your best interests at heart – we would never risk sending our guests anywhere we are less than certain will keep in the utmost comfort and safety, whether a city, safari, or country as a whole.



Good luck calling Bookings.com or Expedia if you miss a flight / want an upgrade / have an emergency… we are your support system 24/7 on your trip.

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