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Posted on May 25, 2022, featured in Experiences

Join Danni on a fantastic, hosted trip to one of the most culturally rich and scenic destinations in Europe this September – Turkey! This exciting trip’s itinerary has been expertly curated to show you the best there is to see, all in the excellent company of our knowledgeable, fun and fabulous Danni.

The sites and bustling must-see spots in Istanbul 

All the sites: The deep, rich history of Istanbul, from the Byzantines, Ottomans, and Christians, is evident throughout this ancient, attractive city. Our tour will take in the highlights. With an experienced guide, we’ll see Ottoman Relics at the Topkapi Palace Museum and the Harem of Topkapi Palace, a scared space where the Ottoman lived with his family, his concubines, and his queen mother. We’ll visit the Grand Bazaar Rooftops, the famous Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and, of course, the Spice Bazaar (one of the largest and oldest covered bazaars in the world). We’ll also stroll around the fantastic Grand Bazaar, a mind-boggling labyrinth of 4000 tiny shops selling jewelry, antiques, carpets, and leatherwear.

Hammam: Experience a relaxing Hammam at one of the oldest and best Turkish Baths in Istanbul. You will get at a traditional spa treatment of a foam massage and a good scrubbing. It’s a wonderful way to experience the Turkish Culture from the very beginning of your adventure in Turkey.

Ortakoy & Dolmabahce Palace: This is in the must-see, cosmopolitan neighborhood of Ortakoy, where Turks, Armenians, Greeks, and Jews have historically lived side by side. We’ll see the beautiful, recently renovated, Buyuk Mecidiye Mosque, a Neo-Baroque building right on the waterfront. As well as the Etz-Ahayim synagogue, close to the Bosphorus Bridge, and the Greek Orthodox church of Aya Fokas (St Phocas).

Bosphorus Cruise by Private Yacht: Istanbul seen from the timeless Bosphorus River, the strait between Asia and Europe, is a truly magical experience. Complete your day in style by stepping onboard a private, luxury yacht for a wonderful cruise. Sip cocktails while you admire the impressive and breath-taking shoreline.

Nature’s artistic splendor in Cappadocia! 

Here is where nature’s artistic splendor meets humankind’s resourcefulness. With soaring rock formations, uniquely rippled landscapes, splendid walking trails, mysterious underground cities and rock-cut churches, Cappadocia is a must-see destination. Cappadocia’s extraordinary landscape includes dramatic expanses of soft volcanic rock shaped into towers, cones, valleys, and caves by erosion.

Hot Air Balloon Tour: The best way to experience this dramatic landscape is from the air. The views of the ‘fairy chimneys valley’ at sunrise is incomparable to anything you’ve seen before. Hot air balloons are a unique platform from which to observe the splendor. Imagine drifting over these miraculous rock formations, rich and fertile valleys, all set against the dramatic volcanic landscape that formed Cappadocia over two million years ago.

Underground Cities and Traditional Villages: You’ll begin this tour with a visit to Kaymaklı Underground City, one of the most interesting underground settlements in Cappadocia. To explore this fascinating site, you will need to go through narrow tunnels that require you to hunch down, so this tour may not be suitable for people who are claustrophobic. We visit Guvercinlik Valley (Pigeon Valley), Ortahisar, Kızılcukur Valley and the old Greek town, Cavusin. Finally, we’ll visit the Uc Guzeller (Three Graces) which are the marvelous three fairy chimneys located on Urgüp, district of Nevsehir.

Hiking Ihlara Canyon: This memorable and exciting tour begins in the Derinkuyu underground city, located in the town also called Derinkuyu, 40km from Goreme. The underground city is approximately 85m deep, the deepest of all the underground cities in Cappadocia. There are about 600 outside doors to the city, hidden in the courtyards of surface dwellings.

The highlight of the trip is the Selime Village at the end of the canyon, where we will find cave houses and a truly unique landscape. It’s been said that this location was considered for the filming of Star Wars, and you’ll immediately see why. *This tour involves lots of walking*

Classic Car Tour in Cappadocia: See spectacular landscapes and beauty in every corner, from a classic car with Cappadocia Classic Car Tours. Expect to make unforgettable memories in stylish, nostalgic classic vehicles on the ideal route between Rose Valley and Love Valley.

Ephesus – enchanting cities and towns

The City of Artemis & House of Virgin Mary: One of the most prominent centers during ancient times, Ephesus was founded near the harbor where the Kucuk Menderes (Kaistros) River flows into the sea. The city’s history dates back to the Neolithic Age in 2000 BC. This spectacular seaport became the second largest city in ancient world with a population of 250 000 during the Roman Empire period. It was a center of trade and was once made the capital of the Roman province of Asia. It was a Greek port in those days so in Ephesus you’ll find the Temple of Artemis regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. You cannot get enough of exploring Ephesus city, a place that brings life in ancient times, to life.

Village Tour & Wines of Urla: The enchanting town of Alaçatı, 72 km west of Izmir, is known for its historical beauty and rich folklore. Alacatı is a haven for visitors with picturesque streets, quaint stone houses, intimate cafes, impeccable vineyards, fragrant lavender fields, and alluring winds which dance for local windmills and surfers from round the world. Urla is one of the 12 cities of ancient Ionia where wine was commercially produced as long ago as the 7th century BC.

Ready to join us on a curated trip to Turkey?

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