Worry-free Gay and Lesbian Travel in Africa

Posted on May 31, 2016, featured in Press

Traveling to Africa and seeing The Big Five up close in their natural habitat is something that is on the top of many people’s bucket list. It is a magical experience like no other. Every moment is an absolute wonder, from frolicking zebras and grazing giraffes to wandering water buffalo and bounding gazelles—a magical feast for the eyes. And that’s just the wildlife. The breathtaking landscape offers sights and sounds that everyone—and we do mean EVERYONE—should have the chance to experience at least once in their life.

STOCK gay LGBTQIs it safe for gay travelers?

For gay and lesbian travelers, however, sometimes not so positive images can also spring to mind—after all, homosexuality is illegal in some African countries. But does that mean that the gay community should completely avoid Africa and cross a spectacular safari off their list? It most certainly does not!

Offering a picturesque landscape, vast wildlife, and a constitution guaranteeing equal rights to all people (and rest assured, sexual orientation is specifically included), South Africa is quickly becoming one of the top holiday destinations for gay and lesbian people. The rich diversity of people and cultures in the region all add to the increasing popularity of this wondrous holiday hotspot for LGBTQ-identified travelers. And above all else, discretion and safety is paramount, and you will be treated with the courtesy and respect you deserve. So, the only thing you need to cross off your list are your worries.

STOCK gay LGTBQHave you dreamt about going on a safari?

Want to get up really close to a pride of lions napping in the grass—so close that you could almost reach out and touch them? How about marveling at a herd of elephants strolling up to a river to drink and bathe together? What about gazing at hippos bobbing their heads up and down in the water? Or maybe canoeing in wild Zimbabwe or adrenaline pumping white-water rafting beneath the mist of the mighty Victoria Falls is more your speed. Whatever you are in the mood for, you won’t want to miss out on an adventure you have longed for since you were a child. Sounds too good to be true? Believe us, it’s only the beginning!

When your day finally winds down and the sun starts to set, you will be whisked off to your lodge for some R&R (and a little pampering). Indulge in some local delights by enjoying gourmet fine dining complemented with superb African wine. Then prepare for an evening of some of the most spectacular stargazing you’ll find anywhere on the globe.

Is it safe?

In this one-of-a-kind country, gay travelers from all over the world are not only welcomed to live out their dreams of experiencing an awe-inspiring safari, but are also encouraged to completely immerse themselves in the wilderness, wildlife, and wonderment that is South Africa. Remember, like any foreign country, a little education and some common sense will help you be prepared and lessen any worries you may have.

For the adventure of a lifetime, let Sikeleli Africa Safaris turn your dreams of experiencing a luxury safari into a reality.

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