Zimbabwe Safari Adventures!

Posted on May 15, 2024, featured in Experiences

African Bush Camps Takes Chiedza our PA on Safari… 

Day One: The Adventure Begins

As our journey with Chiedza through the heart of Zimbabwe’s wilderness commenced, excitement rippled through our veins. From the moment we set foot in Ilala Lodge Victoria Falls, we knew we were in for an extraordinary experience.

Safari Logistics transfer whisked us to Victoria Falls Airport, where the magic truly began. Guided by the knowledgeable Cathy, we transitioned to our flight, courtesy of the skilled pilot, Jeff, who landed us safely at Manga airstrip.  We love Safari Logistics and they take our clients with African Bush Camps all over Zimbabwe from safari spot to safari spot.

En route, nature’s magnificence unfolded before our eyes – giraffes gracefully sauntering along, zebras dazzling themselves across the landscape, and elephants casting enchanting silhouettes as they quenched their thirst in the waterholes. We were then welcomed by the warm embrace of Shepard and the Somalisa team of Hwange African Bush Camps. Refreshments at the juice bar, personalized water bottles in hand, we were ready for safari. 

Arriving at camp felt like stepping into a dream; the sight of elephants by the pool set the tone for an unforgettable adventure. Richard’s guided tour revealed the rustic charm of Somalisa, where simplicity intertwines with comfort. The evening game drive, led by Shepard, gifted us with encounters with lionesses and a mesmerizing sunset, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson—amazing sightings in just day 1.

Day Two: A Symphony of Nature

Dawn greeted us with a symphony of birdsong, accompanied by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. At Somalisa, each moment feels like a painting, and breakfast amidst the company of hunting painted dogs affirmed this sentiment. Ivy the manager and her team bid us farewell, and our journey continued to Manga airstrip, leading us to Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, where the grandeur of Kariba unfolded. 

At Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Rufaro’s warm welcome and Sydney’s the guides orientation set the stage for indulgence. From infinity pool views overlooking the lake to Chef Slim Shady’s culinary prowess, Bumi Hills promised relaxation amidst untamed beauty.

Day Three: Conservation in Action

At Bumi Hills, mornings blend serenity with purpose. David Brightman a head guide’s insights into conservation efforts stirred our souls, reminding us of the delicate balance between humanity and nature. A surprise lakeside lunch offered moments of tranquillity, echoing the lodge’s commitment to preserving Kariba’s splendour.

Lady Jacqueline Houseboat was wonderful and peaceful. As we cast our lines into the waters, surrounded by crocodiles and the promise of adventure, the essence of Africa embraced us.

Day Four: Into the Heart of Mana Pools

We bid farewell to Bumi Hills, en route to the untamed wilderness of Mana Pools one of Zimbabwe’s most famous safari areas specifically for walking. The warm welcome set the tone for an exploration filled with wonder. As we journeyed to Zambezi Expeditions the camp we were staying at, the landscape unfolded like a tapestry, adorned with herds of zebra and majestic elephants and of course hippos, crocodiles, the call of the fish eagle – it’s all just wonderful.

Day Five: In the Realm of Giants

Here at Zambezi Expeditions, it felt like we were truly in the heart of nature’s grandeur. From catching glimpses of Boswell, the gentle giant and famous elephant, to sharing moments with relaxed painted dogs (formerly known as wild dogs) every experience felt like discovering a hidden treasure. 

Nyamatusi the more luxurious lodge of African Bush Camps Mana Pools welcomed us with open arms, blending luxurious comfort seamlessly with the untamed beauty of the wilderness.

Day Six: A Dance with the Wild

As our adventure neared its end, Mana Pools revealed its secrets – lions lounging in the sun, elephants roaming freely, and the elusive leopard playing hide-and-seek. A surprise Boma dinner under the stars marked the culmination of our journey, a celebration of Africa’s spirit. 

Day Seven: Farewell, for Now

As we bid adieu to Mana Pools, our hearts overflowed with gratitude. From the pride of lions at Bumi Hills to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Zambezi, African Bush Camps crafted an odyssey of wonder and conservation. Until we meet again, may the spirit of Africa dwell within us, guiding our footsteps and igniting our souls with its boundless magic.

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